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FOCUSING ON JESUS: Daily Christ-centered Thoughts

In three hundred sixty-six readings, Jim Fowler has written a daily thought for every day of the calendar year. These are not simple and inspirational devotional writings. They are packed with themes that have been part of Christian thought through the centuries. These daily thoughts deal with theological subjects, practical implications of how Christian character relates to everyday life, as well as to the social issues of our day. The title of the volume relates the overarching perspective of the readings – to expose the contrast between the usual emphases so common in religious teaching, and the focal point of legitimate Christian thought in the Person and work of Jesus Christ. Religion has too often majored in the minors, and failed to emphasize that Christianity is Christ. Not just the central issue, but the sole issue for Christian thought and practice is JESUS.

MANIFESTING THE LIFE OF JESUS: Daily Readings on the Christ-Life

This volume contains 366 daily readings relating to the Christ-life. This is the third volume in a series. The first was The Issue is Jesus (2017). The second was Focusing on Jesus (2019). And this, the third volume, is entitled Manifesting the Life of Jesus (2021). The three volumes together will be called The Jesus Trilogy.

IT'S ALL ABOUT JESUS: Daily Consideration of the Indwelling Jesus

This is volume four in the "The Jesus Series of Daily Readings." Vol. 1 was THE ISSUE IS JESUS. Vol. 2 was FOCUSING ON JESUS. Vol. 3 was MANIFESTING THE LIFE OF JESUS. Vol. 4 is IT'S ALL ABOUT JESUS. There are 366 daily readings, one for every day of the year, including February 29 on Leap Year. This book also has a Subject Index and a Scripture Index. The daily readings deal with many considerations of the indwelling Lord Jesus in Christ-ones. Jim Fowler often distinguishes between religion and Christianity, emphasizing that Christianity is not about performing rules and regulations and rituals of devotion, but is the Christ-life lived out in the behavior of a Christ-one. The Christian life is a derived life, deriving all from the living Lord Jesus.

The Jesus Series of Daily Readings

The JESUS Series of "daily readings" (366 readings for every year). These are not the typical inspirational daily devotions, but a series of 300+ word daily readings that emphasize orthodox Christian thought, while challenging many of the methods and procedures of the Christian community. These readings emphasize that JESUS is the sole focus and reality of Christian thought and practice. The first volume is entitled: THE ISSUE IS JESUS. The second volume is entitled: FOCUSING ON JESUS. The third volume is entitled: MANIFESTING THE LIFE OF JESUS. The series may subsequently be expanded with additional volumes.


This volume contains articles and excerpts from previously published materials pertaining to the Grace-Faith Connection, the most important relational dynamic of the Christian faith.

Lifetime Guarantee: Making Your Christian Life Work and What to Do When It Doesn't

In Lifetime Guarantee (more than 100,000 copies sold), Bill Gillham writes of his struggle to live a life of victory in Christ, “After 12 years…I finally crashed and burned. That was the best thing the Lord could have ever let happen to me.” As a professor, counselor, and radio host, Gillham heard countless stories of people who tried to live the Christian life but repeatedly failed. Then he realized that only one person can live like Christ—Jesus Himself—and that He wants to live His life through each and every believer.
Readers will appreciate Gillham’s gut-honest and encouraging tone as they discover…
the root of their problems—the techniques they have developed for satisfying their needs for love and self-esteem the key to victory—their true identity in Christ God’s goal for their lives—conformity to Christ’s image as He lives through them.

The Confident Woman: Knowing Who You Are in Christ

Many women believe that if they try hard enough to be the perfect Christian woman, God will honor their efforts. But God does not call them to be perfect. He wants them to be confident—confident in His love and acceptance. As a mentor, friend, and former perfection-seeker, Anabel Gillham shares how women can experience the transforming touch of confidence as they: understand who they are in relation to Christ and to others recognize their three biggest needs and discover how God meets them rely on God for their value, worth, and success With more than 100,000 copies sold, this book ministers to women of all ages and backgrounds as they encounter their perfect identity in Christ.

Parenting As God Intended

How long have you been parenting? Got it all figured out yet?

Parenting is probably one of the most difficult roles you will find yourself in. Most of us still face many frustrations that may have many of us feeling that if we knew then what we know now about what it means to be a godly parent, we may have done things differently.

Parents often attempt to use different techniques to play the role of God in their children's lives, however there is no perfect parenting technique that will produce perfect children. Parents cannot do for their child what only God can do for their child.

God is quite capable of working in our children's lives despite the mistakes we will inevitably make as parents. All we should ever do as parents is what God is wanting to do in and through us as moms and dads.

The Indwelling Life of Christ: All of Him in All of Me

Why do we keep failing even in our best efforts to live the Christian life? Because no one other than Jesus Christ can live it, for the simple reason that He is the Christian life! And only He can live it in our lives as well. Major W. Ian Thomas takes a refreshing look at the pure thrill of living victoriously as you embrace the living Savior’s presence within you. The more you become genuinely and relentlessly available to Christ, the more He can take over so that your Christian walk becomes vibrant and effective! This inspiring devotional, along with the application questions at the end of each reading, will help you focus consistently on Jesus Himself so you can serve and enjoy Him at an entirely new level and dimension.

You can try to steer clear of sin. Avoid temptation. Refuse to steal, lie, or use drugs and alcohol. You can indeed try to be sinless. But that is still you. And you are still trying.
Jesus Christ was not holy because He focused His efforts on avoiding sin. Instead, “He refused to allow there to be any possible explanation for the quality of His life but the Father, as God, dwelling in Him, as Man,” writes Major W. Ian Thomas.

So whom do you want dwelling in you? More of you? Or all of Christ?

Story Behind the Book: Major W. Ian Thomas was twelve years old when he accepted the Lord with a simple prayer. But by nineteen, “I had been reduced to spiritual exhaustion,” he says, “with no hope or reason for going on.” It was then that he discovered the life-transforming secret of the indwelling life of the living Lord Jesus Christ. God gave him a message through Galatians 2:20, where he learned to say, “Lord Jesus, I can’t—You never said I could—but You can, and always said You would. That is all I need to know.” Major Thomas came to understand it was Christ Himself living through him who would do His work. This is the message he has been passionately proclaiming all his life.

The Mystery of Godliness: Experiencing Christ in Us

In The Mystery of Godliness, W. Ian Thomas lays bare the reality of our weakness without God. While godliness may be a mystery, Thomas makes it clear that this is what God intends to create within us through Christ. For all those tired of trying to make it on their own, this book helps guide its readers back into the arms of the only One who can sustain them and make them whole.

Finding God in the Gray: The Lonely Path

Let’s face it. The trauma of life can crush our souls. Some pain feels like it won’t ever go away. But no matter how devastating it might feel, our pain is never greater than God’s ability to sustain us. Frank Friedmann confronts the issue of pain honestly, without hollow cliches and pat answers that help no one. He writes so that hurting people can find God in a way they never knew Him...so they can get through what they can’t get over.

Are you hurting? Finding God in the Gray was written with you in mind. You’ll be changed by this book’s radical response to the devastating pains of life. In this no-nonsense book, you’ll see how the grace of God sits down with you until you are ready to walk again.

Stunned by Grace: it's beyond amazing

In the pages of Stunned by Grace, you’ll find real, lasting peace of mind so that you’re no longer walking on eggshells, trying to do more and be enough. The precious gems of truth contained within this book are an absolute rarity. You'll be convinced that Father God likes you and is for you!

Fifty Days in His Pursuing Love Devotional: Getting to Know the One Who Loved You First and Loves You Most


As a Christian, you are Christ’s flawless bride in whom He delights and celebrates continually. But if you don’t know this, you will miss experiencing wondrous delight in intimacy with Him.

In this fifty-day companion devotional to Kim K. Francis’ His Banner over Me Is Pursuing Love, you will savor your Spiritual Bridegroom’s reminders of:

Your eternal spiritual union with Him Your complete forgiveness of sins Your pure, righteous, and holy identity in Him Your eternal safety and security in Him His indwelling life as your source for living Your life under the new covenant of grace The foreign source of the ungodly thoughts you experience Fall in love for the first time or once again with the One who gave His life for you and to you, so that He would never have to live without you!

From Bondage to Bonding: Escaping Codependency, Embracing Biblical Love (God's Design for the Family)

In this thorough, nontechnical guide to assessment of and recovery from codependency, author Nancy Groom takes you beyond simply escaping codependency to helping you tackle the tough questions you’ll face as you emerge from destructive relationships. Men and women who are dealing with grief, anger, and feelings of shame from codependency will learn how to bond to God.

Life As God Intended

If you are looking for something to read in the meantime, you can find plenty of relevant content on our Blog Page through Life As God Intended. If you have any questions about what book might be the best for the current season of life or situation you are in please feel free to send us a message using the “Quick Contact” section below or checking out our “Contact Us” page. Look forward to hearing from you soon and pray for healing and complete restoration through Christ on this journey called Life.